Johnson Volvo Cars Exclusive Programs

Why You Should Choose Johnson Volvo Cars Durham

We'll give you a handful of reasons why you should choose Johnson Volvo Cars Durham. Learn more about our exclusive programs + benefits below. You'll soon realize how easy it is to do business with us! 

Assurance Plans

We offer a wide range of protection plans designed to give you added peace of mind - and help you get the most out of your Volvo experience.

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Volvo Tire Care

As the temperatures cool and the threat of winter weather descends, it's important to make sure your Volvo has the right tires for coping with the upcoming winter season. Having a good set of winter tires offers superior traction and helps make your Volvo as safe as it can be, even when the roads are less than ideal.

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Volvo Charging Partners

Charging an electric Volvo at home or on the road should be easy and hassle free. Volvo has partnered with the industry leaders to ensure this.

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Volvo Service Holiday Travel Event

Whether you're preparing for a family road trip, looking to upgrade, or searching for the ideal accessory, Volvo has you covered. Our expert technicians will perform any needed maintenance using only Volvo Genuine Parts, ensuring your vehicle is ready to safely take you to the people and places you love the most.

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Volvo Valet

Your safety is our highest priority. We will pick up your Volvo for service, deliver it when ready and provide you a loaner if needed.

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Care by Volvo

For one monthly payment, you get your car with insurance coverage, maintenance, and more. Plus, the flexibility to cancel after 4 months. Learn More

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